Arthropoda- Pandinus imperator 

The organisms in Phylum Arthropoda are bilaterally symmetrical in most cases.  The body of Arthropoda has more than two cell layers, including tissues and organs.  Their body cavity a true coelom.  Most organisms possesses a through straight gut with an anus, similar to the organisms in the Phylum Mollusca.  In most cases, the body possesses an external skeleton.  The body possesses 3 to 400+ pairs of jointed legs and is divided in 2 or 3 sections.

The Arthropoda nervous system includes a brain and ganglia.  The organisms possess a respiratory system in the form of tracheae and spiracles in most cases.  The circulatory system is an open or a lacunar circulatory system with a simple heart, one or more arteries, and no veins.  Their reproductive system is normally sexual and gonochoristic, but it can be parthenogenetic.  The organisms feed on everything and live everywhere.

Examples of organisms found in the Phylum Arthropoda include: Crabs or Prawns, Spiders, and Scorpions.

Arthropoda- Callinectes sapidus 

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