Eubacteria- Chlamydia pneumonia

Kingdom Eubacteria contains all the organisms considered to be "true bacteria".  The most abundant organisms on earth, bacteria, belong to this Kingdom and are the cause of most of our diseases today.

Eubacteria are believed to have diverged from archaebacteria very early in the history of life because the two prokaryotic kingdoms are so different.  Despite their differences, the organisms in Eubacteria are also unicellular and prokaryotic.

In general, the bacteria in this Kingdom have a rigid cell wall made up of amino acids and a sugar chain.  The cells are filled with cytoplasm which contains single cell chromosome and ribosomes.  Three different shapes of bacteria can be found: rod shaped, a spiral or comma shaped, or a round, spherical, ovalur shaped. 

The organisms obtain their nutrients through a variety of ways: some are heterotrophs who feed on different organisms, some are autotrophic, making their own food, while others are chemotrophic and break down inorganic matter.  The bacteria undergo nitrogen fixation in which inert atmospheric nitrogen gas is converted into ammonia.  Their digestions is extracellular, and they circulate through diffusion.

Bacteria which undergoes aerobic respiration as well as bacteria which undergoes anaerobic respiration belong to this Kingdom.  All bacteria reproduces through binary fission, just as the organisms from Kingdom Archaebacteria do.

Examples of organisms in Kingdom Eubacteria include: Bacillus anthracis, Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, and Clostridium tetani

Eubacteria- Escherichia coli 

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