Bryophyta- Totula muralis 

The Phylum Bryophyta consists of plants which are  primitive, lack vascular tissue, lack true roots.  Since there is no cuticle on above ground parts so most are soft and pliable.  These plants havea vegetative reproduction.  The moss' sex organs (male antheridia and female archegonia) are typically produced on the leafy gametophytes of separate male and female plants.  The liverworts belonging to this Phylum have a dorsi-venterally flattened thallus with tiny palm-like stalks bearing male and female sex organs.

The organisms in the Phylum Bryophyta are found throughout the world.  Despite being more prevalent in moist and shady areas, the plants can be found in alpine regions or some deserts.  In general, the plants are highly specialized and found in restricted habitats.

Examples of organisms in the Phylum Bryophyta include: mosses and liverworts (Hepatophyta)

Bryophyta- Lunularia cruciata 

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