Coniferophyta- Chamaecyparis lawsonian 

The organisms in Phylum Coniferophyta are mostly evergreens.  The plants produce naked seeds in cones, produce soft wood, and have needle-like leaves.  Their seeds are borne on the surface of woody scales and the overlapping scales forming a cone.  The heterosporous seed plants have non-motile sperm, which is conducted to an egg by a pollen tube.

Phylum Coniferophyta plants are most common in temperate, alpine, and sub-arctic environments.

Examples of organisms found in the Phylum Coniferophyta include: redwoods, pines (Pinus), cypress (Cupressus), fir (Abies), spruce (Picea), hemlock (Tsuga), and junipers (Juniperus).

Coniferophyta- Tsuga canadensis 

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