Cycadophyta- Cycas rumphii 

 The plants which are found in Phylum Cycadophyta are palm-like plants with large seed and pollen cones.  Cycads are dioecious species with pollen cones and seed cones produced on separate male and female individuals.  The seed plants are heterosporous vascular.  The sperm of these plants is flagellated and motile but confined within a pollen tube that grows to the vicinity of the egg.  The plants physical traits include: pachycaul stem, girdling leaf traces, coralloid roots, and open carpophylls, but they lack axillary buds.

Phylum Cycadophyta plants thrive in tropical and sub-tropical habitats.

Examples of organisms found in Phylum Cycadophyta include what is commonly known as cycads.

Cycadophyta- Zamites feneonis 

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