Mammalia- Chincilla brevicaudata 

The organisms belonging to the Class Mammalia arose from synapsid reptiles branched off at base of reptilian tree.  The most well-known characteristic about Mammalia is that all organisms possess hair or fur.  Organisms have mammary glands to nourish young.  Mammalia are endothermic, just as the organisms in Class Mammalia are.  Organisms in Class Mammalia are viviparous.  They have two occipital condyles as well as a zygomatic arch and a secondary palate.  The organisms possess a single dentary bone in lower jaw and have dentary-squamosal jaw articulation.  Mammalia have muscular diaphragms.

Examples of organisms from the Class Mammalia include: zebras, whales, and rodents.

Mammalia- Trichechus manatus

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