Nematoda- Wuchereria bancrofti 

The organisms found in Phylum Nematoda are bilaterally symmetrical, and vermiform.  Their body has more than two cell layers, and includes tissues and organs.  The body cavity is a pseudocoel, which means that the body fluid is under high pressure.  The organisms body possesses a through gut with a subterminal anus. Nemadota have a body covered in a complex cuticle. 

The organisms have a nervous system with pharyngeal nerve ring, but have no circulatory system (no blood system).  Reproduction by Nemadota is normally sexual and gonochoristic.  They feed on just about anything and live just about everywhere.  Many of the species found in this Phylum are endoparasites.

Examples of organisms belonging to Phylum Nematoda include: Dioctophyme renale, Wuchereria bancrofti, and Ascaris lumbriciodes

Nematoda- Dioctophyme renale 

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