Platyhelminthes- Pseudobiceros bedfordi 

The organisms found in Phylum Platyhelminthes are bilaterally symmetrical.  Their body has 3 layers of tissues with organs and organelles, but contains no internal cavity.  The organisms body possesses a blind gut and has Protonephridial excretory organs instead of an anus. 

Normally, the Platyhelminthes have a nervous system of longitudinal fibres rather than a net, as the organisms in Phylum Cnidaria have.  The organisms are generally dorsoventrally flattened.  Reproduction is mostly sexual as hermaphrodites.  Animals and other smaller life forms make up their diets.  Some of the species in this Phylum occur in all major habitats, which includes many parasites of other animals.

Examples of organisms in Phylum Platyhelminthes include: flatworms, tapeworms, and fluke.

Platyhelminthes- Arthurdendyus triangulatus 

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