Pterophyta- Onoclea sensibilis 

 The plants found in Phylum Pterophyta possess leaves which generally grow from underground stems, along with ferns and horse tails.  The leaves (fronds) have sporangia clusters on the underside.  The leaves are megaphylls that uncoil as they mature.

The organisms are primarily homosporous vascular plants.  The organisms reproduce by spores and have motile sperm.  External water is necessary for fertilization. The sporophytes and virtually all gametophytes in this Phylum are photosynthetic.

The plants in Phylum Pterophyta are adapted to many different habitats.  Some are aquatic, some live in deserts or on dry rock cliffs, some in the cold arctic desert, but most live in the tropics.  Tropical ferns grow vigorously as epiphytes on and over everything in the understory.  The smallest ferns in this Phylum are aquatics that float on subtropical and tropical ponds.

Examples of Phylum Pterophyta organisms are commonly referred to as ferns.

Pterophyta- Davallia tyermanni 

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